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Article Publication Date
How the Brain Tells Apart Important and Unimportant Sensations Scientific American May 2022
Artificial fingertip gives robots nearly humanlike touch Science April 2022
Bensmaia Lab receives nearly $10M to study the sensorimotor system using groundbreaking new robotic system UChicago News January 2022
Quadriplegic Chicagoan participating in potentially game-changing research for robotic prosthetic limbs Fox 32 August 2021
UChicago researchers re-create sense of touch and motor control in paralyzed patient UChicago News July 2021
Capturing the sense of touch could upgrade prosthetics and our digital lives ScienceNews April 2021
Long-term prosthetic use may not rewire the brain Futurity December 2020
UChicago neuroscientists expand possibilities for realistic prosthetic limbs UChicago News September 2020
How researchers are returning sensation to breast cancer survivors UChicago News May 2020
The quest for a bionic breast IEEE Spectrum May 2020
Man undergoes surgery, receives robotic arm NBC Morning News November 2019
Weird illusion makes you think fabric is moving faster than it is New Scientist August 2019
The magic touch: bringing sensory feedback to brain-controlled prosthetics Medical Devices Network January 2019
$3.4 million grant to support development of brain-controlled prosthetic limbs UChicago News October 2018
Neuroprosthetics and the future of artificial touch Curiosity October 2017
Computer model simulates sense of touch from the entire hand UCMC Science Life June 2017
Artifical hand helps amputee feel softness CBS News October 2016
Restoring the sense of touch in amputees using natural signals of the nervous system   UCMC Science Life October 2016
Researchers help paralyzed man regain sense of touch through a robotic arm UChicago News October 2016
In a medical first, brain implant allows paralyzed man to feel again The Washington Post October 2016
The secret of Cashmere’s luxurious appeal Discover Magazine July 2016
Another Look at the Neurophysiology of Tactile Perception Journal of Neurophysiology Podcasts    June 2016
Three Chicago research facilities are changing the world of prosthetics Chicago Health Online February 2016
Ideas in movement: The next wave of brain-computer interfaces Nature Medicine January 2016
Sheet music for creating the artificial sense of touch UCMC Science Life October 2015
Whether you touch or see, your brain tracks movement mostly the same way Medical Daily September 2015
Brain teasers Discovery Series March 2015
Utah team gets $1.4M for bionic hand research UNews February 2015
New understanding of neural language gives amputees ability to discern
light touch to intense pressure
The Daily February 2015
Medical wonders Chicago Magazine January 2015
Once more with feelin’ The Groks Science Show August 2014
Touching me, touching you Science Life Podcast November 2013
Monkey feels touch with prosthetic hand New Scientist October 2013
Touch-sensitive prosthetic limbs take step forward in monkey study Live Science October 2013
Neuroprosthetics: Once more, with feeling Nature May 2013
Sense of touch uses vibrations, just like hearing Science 2.0 December 2012
How Our Sense of Touch is a Lot Like the Way We Hear University of Chicago Medical Center December 2012
The idea behind today’s prosthetic story Chicago Tribune June 2011
University of Chicago scientists aim to develop prostheses with sense of touch Chicago Tribune June 2011
Mind-controlled artificial arm begins the first human testing Singularity Hub August 2010
Human Trials Next for Darpa’s Mind-Controlled Artificial Arm GIZMODO June 2010
The feedback loop University of Chicago Magazine June 2010
Sensory processing: Sensing motion with tact Nature March 2010
Touch Neurons Have a Good Sense of Direction PLOS February 2010