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Article Publication Date
Bensmaia Lab receives nearly $10M to study the sensorimotor system using groundbreaking new robotic system UChicago News 2022-01
Quadriplegic Chicagoan participating in potentially game-changing research for robotic prosthetic limbs Fox 32 2021-08
UChicago researchers re-create sense of touch and motor control in paralyzed patient UChicago News 2021-07
Capturing the sense of touch could upgrade prosthetics and our digital lives ScienceNews 2021-04
Long-term prosthetic use may not rewire the brain Futurity 2020-12
UChicago neuroscientists expand possibilities for realistic prosthetic limbs UChicago News 2020-09
How researchers are returning sensation to breast cancer survivors UChicago News 2020-05
The quest for a bionic breast IEEE Spectrum 2020-05
Man undergoes surgery, receives robotic arm NBC Morning News 2019-11
Weird illusion makes you think fabric is moving faster than it is New Scientist 2019-08
The instant, custom, connected future of medical devices New York Times 2019-02
The magic touch: bringing sensory feedback to brain-controlled prosthetics Medical Devices Network 2019-01
$3.4 million grant to support development of brain-controlled prosthetic limbs UChicago News 2018-10
Neuroprosthetics and the future of artificial touch Curiosity 2017-10
Computer model simulates sense of touch from the entire hand UCMC Science Life 2017-06
Artifical hand helps amputee feel softness CBS News 2016-10
Restoring the sense of touch in amputees using natural signals of the nervous system   UCMC Science Life 2016-10
Researchers help paralyzed man regain sense of touch through a robotic arm UChicago News 2016-10
In a medical first, brain implant allows paralyzed man to feel again The Washington Post 2016-10
The secret of Cashmere’s luxurious appeal Discover Magazine 2016-07
The neurophysiology of touch Journal of Neurophysiology Podcasts    2016-06
Three Chicago research facilities are changing the world of prosthetics Chicago Health Online 2016-02
Ideas in movement: The next wave of brain-computer interfaces Nature Medicine 2016-01
Sheet music for creating the artificial sense of touch UCMC Science Life 2015-10
Whether you touch or see, your brain tracks movement mostly the same way Medical Daily 2015-09
Brain teasers Discovery Series 2015-03
HAPTIX – University of Utah UNews 2015-02
HAPTIX – Case Western Reserve University The Daily 2015-02
Medical wonders Chicago Magazine 2015-01
Why the sense of touch is like a concert UCMC Science Life 2014-09
Once more with feelin’ The Groks Science Show 2014-08
The accidental neuroscientist UCMC Science Life 2014-04
Russia 2 2013-11
Touching me, touching you Science Life Podcast 2013-11
New bionic arm: bigger faster stronger, more sensitive The Voice of Russia 2013-11
How do you feel? CBC Radio 2013-11
Monkey feels touch with prosthetic hand New Scientist 2013-10
Touch-sensitive prosthetic limbs take step forward in monkey study Live Science 2013-10
Neuroprosthetics: Once more, with feeling Nature 2013-05
Vibrations of texture Columbia Chronicle 2013-02
Sense of touch uses vibrations, just like hearing Science 2.0 2012-12
How Our Sense of Touch is a Lot Like the Way We Hear Science Life 2012-12
Chicago Neuroscientists Aim to Develop First Prosthesis with Sense of Touch Discovery & Impact 2011-00
The idea behind today’s prosthetic story Chicago Tribune 2011-06
University of Chicago scientists aim to develop prostheses with sense of touch Chicago Tribune 2011-06
Tricking Touch with Plaids Science Life 2011-02
Mind-controlled artificial arm begins the first human testing Singularity Hub 2010-08
Human Trials Next for Darpa’s Mind-Controlled Artificial Arm GIZMODO 2010-06
The feedback loop University of Chicago Magazine 2010-06
Luke Skywalker’s Hand and How Touch is Like Vision Science Life 2010-03
Sensory processing: Sensing motion with tact Nature 2010-03
Touch Neurons Have a Good Sense of Direction PLOS 2010-02